Where and When is the Superhero Party?
The Superhero/Supervillain Party is was always looking for warehouses & party spaces.
Read on for more details.

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Remember that time the other day when you called yourself a nerd? Well that is just precious. Now let me tell you of a time long ago and of an amazing true nerd love inspired thing called the Superhero Party.

The first official Superhero Party appeared in San Francisco, California in June of 1997. The thrill of such an event released so much dopamine and seratonin into the positive brain waves of San Francisco that the Superhero Party continued each year, gaining more joy and momentum. People really showed up in full character and blew our minds (hive minds too). The last official original super rad Superhero Party appeared in Oakland California on October 26th, 2002. Long live the Superhero Party!

No exceptionally awesome Superhero Party event is currently scheduled. This could be because good warehouse spaces that allow parties to go past 5am or 6am became very hard to find (especially in San Francisco). It is more likely that Superheroes grow up and have kids and must devote their super powers to raising children and paying a super mortgage (it happens).

Please enjoy this website in all its remarkably outdated HTML-code glory. The Elders at Superheroparty.com regard the varied and amazing Superheroes and Supervillians in this site as original characters created by the individual party goers. And we thank them for their exceptional originality and party spirit!