What is the Superhero Supervillain Party?
It's all about fun! Lots of fun! How much? A Lot.
So much that you'll end up saying "Wow - that was a whole lot of fun!"

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       Based in San Francisco, the Superhero Party has been a ridiculously fun event since it was first held in a clandestine warehouse space in 1997. The premise is simple: Just make up a character theme from your imagination. Pick something from your personality, pop culture, or daily life and expand on it - and you've got it! You've got your Super Hero or Super Villain identity! No Super Hero or Super Villain name is too great or too dorky! All are welcome to party from sun down to sun up! Even robots and sidekicks!! Yes!

       And you'll be among like minded Super Powered Partyers and Fun Freaks too! How? Everyone will be in costume! No one in plain clothes is ever admitted to the Superhero Party. You got's to dress up! No costume = No entry = No fun. For roughly 364 days out of the year, you get to wear plain clothes and go through your normal routine. But this one night allows you to show of that super duper power you've been hiding.

       So remember these important things 'cause when the Superhero Party comes around, you don't want to miss out!!!!

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SF Weekly
Nightcrawler article by Silke Tudor about Superhero Party #4 back in June of 2000!