A Trophy worthy of any SuperHero & SuperVillain!
Learn about the trophy you might win and notoriety you'll surely gain by going to this years awesome SuperHero & SuperVillain Party!

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Behold! The Mighty Guantlet! 
Yes! As your modem struggles to download, let your eyes be dazzled with this image of the Superheroparty Mighty Gauntlet! Ahhh, the power! Standing over 12 inches tall! Can't you feel the waves of radiation and self esteem that flow from it's source? You must have it!! What is it? Well, not only is it a very original and rare award, but it's what you may win if you rock a kick ass costume and go to the Superhero & Supervillain party! We give out 3 of these big mighty guantlets for the few and the mighty whose super powers really shine! The Superheroparty Trophy Works carve these awards from a powerful crystal shard harvested from an asteroid found deep inside Mountain 14 on an undisclosed nearby planet! Now that's powerful!

And now, there are 5 additional mini trophies: The Superhero Guant-lites! These mini-guantlettes will be awarded to any SuperHero or SuperVillain whose persona/costume rules in one of these categories:

  • Most Physically Uncomfortable Costume
  • Sexiest Costume
  • Most Glowing in Blacklight Costume
  • Best Last Minute Costume
  • and Nick Nolte's Says 'That's Awesome' Costume

It would be crazy for you to miss out on winning one of these rad prizes! 8 ways to win! So feel the power, be the power, and prepare your mighty costume!