Heroes and Villains Rejoice!   It's Time to Party!
Looking for inspiration? Or just want to size up the competition? Here is a sampling of some
of the dastardly fiends and courageous hereos to attend the Superhero Party from the last 4 years.
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Ice Blue !!
Superpower: Commands the power of ice! Icy shoulder thorns freeze opponents in tracks. Delivers icy cold stares & glances. Stabs at foes with Icy Battle Staff! Destructive Force : +6
Chime !
Superpower: The Power of Chime! Master of windchimes and relaxing breezes. Afro enables planetary teleportation. Breaks into song when attacked. Destructive Force : 0.0
Bead Tie Avenger!!
Superpower: Makes bread and baked goods go stale at alarming rate. Hurls plastic bread-ties at enemies and behind cupboards and refrigerators. Destructive Force : +5
Nick Nolte !
Superpower: Unpredictable. Hawaiin shirt pattern confuses opponents. Gnarled feet frighten attackers. Only person to defeat and humilate Brawl Magnet. Destructive Force : +11