Heroes and Villains Rejoice!   It's Time to Party!
Looking for inspiration? Or just want to size up the competition? Here is a sampling of some
of the dastardly fiends and courageous hereos to attend the Superhero Party from the last 4 years.
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Superpower: Boyish charm & winning smile countered with bone crushing metal claw! Breaks and crushes big things with ease. Gives deadly hi-fives & hand shakes. Destructive Force : +9
Rubber Girl!
Superpower: The power of Rubber! Hurls condems at both friends and enemies. Water repellent hair. Space age all-rubber suit makes dancing easier. Destructive Force : +6
Super Kali-fragilistic !!
Superpower: Plethora of magic chants and spells. Hypnotic arm movements confuses and subdues enemies. Wields 4 arms of charms!! Destructive Force : +7
Missing Sock Avenger!
Superpower: Reunites missing socks. Provides shelter for lone socks and mittens. Frequents laundramats and fights static cling. Powerful spin cycle! Destructive Force : +3