Heroes and Villains Rejoice!   It's Time to Party!
Looking for inspiration? Or just want to size up the competition? Here is a sampling of some
of the dastardly fiends and courageous hereos to attend the Superhero Party from the last 4 years.
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Brawl Magnet!
Superpower: Over-developed upper body is drawn to any fight! Always ready to rumble. Head magnet drains opponents power. Battle Cry: "You want some of this ?!" Destructive Force : +10
Positive ReEnforcement!
Superpower: Firm yet gentle touch. Known for turning frowns upside down. In-Security Guard who really cares. Helps you learn how special you are. Bullhorn eminates intense affirmations. Destructive Force : UNKNOWN
Bad Egg !
Superpower: Ruins omlettes & souffles. Wreaks havoc on baked goods. Sub-sonic whisk breaks yolks and shatters skulls from miles away. Smells bad too. Battle cry: "I'll Scramble ... Your Brain!". Destructive Force : +5
Superpower: Saves money and time by combining two utensils in one. Always keeps one hand free for fighting. Makes picnicing easier, or does she? Destructive Force : +6