Heroes and Villains Rejoice!   It's Time to Party!
Looking for inspiration? Or just want to size up the competition? Here is a sampling of some
of the dastardly fiends and courageous hereos to attend the Superhero Party from the last 4 years.
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Dark Waffle !!
Superpower: Ruins breakfast. Makes sure every waffle is burned. Won't 'leggo your eggo' until it's destroyed. Slows down attackers with sticky maple syrup. Has Evil Toaster for sidekick. Destructive Force : +7
Bad Hair Day!
Superpower: Makes you late for important appointments. Lowers self esteem. Stops opponents in their tracks with instant setting hair gel and spray. Master of split ends! Destructive Force : +6
Calamity Clitoris !!
Superpower: When provoked, sends ground shaking waves of pleasure towards attackers, rendering them very happy & harmless. A most powerful ally! Destructive Force : +8
Raving Lunatic!
Superpower: Hypes up every party. Never runs out of energy. Candy necklaces break down social barriers. Magic gaunlets emit powerful light. Deadly jaw-griding action! Won't be defeated! Destructive Force : +9
• more hero and villain images are to come • and party photos too • stay tuned •