Heroes and Villains Rejoice!   It's Time to Party!
Looking for inspiration? Or just want to size up the competition? Here is a sampling of some
of the dastardly fiends and courageous hereos to attend the Superhero Party from the last 4 years.
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Superpower: Modernized Aztech spirit. Divines power from the gods to locate crunchy dance beats. Cloaking cape! Power suit glows brightest at 4:20am. Destructive Force : +9
Superpower: Power of 40 nerds in 1! Dazzles opponents with array of annoying Sci-Fi movie anecdotes. Gains massive power near chess club meetings and Comic-cons. Weapons are still mint in box. Destructive Force : +5
Jester of Pain!
Superpower: Painful sense of humor. Disrupts local Renaissance Fairs with laughter and bloodshed. Metal spike suit guards against attack. Destructive Force : +6
Silver Space Girl !
Superpower: Part of a mighty Space Girl fighting force. Platinum vest & diamond studded beret dazzles foes. Phasers set on FUN! Destructive Force : +4