Superhero & Supervillain Costume Help
Need help with you special suit? Here's some places in the Bay Area to speed you inyour costume quest!

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Not every Superhero & Supervillain has a trustworthy bulter or that special robot sidekick to run errands and help them accesorize for big events. Most true superbeings have to do all that themselves. So here's a small list of Bay Area stores and locations to help you in assembling your super awesome crime fighting (or crime spreading) costume!

Costumes on Haight   > map
735 Haight Street San Francisco, CA
super great costumes rentals & props & party gear
Mendels Far Out Fabrics   > map
1556 Haight St, San Francisco, CA
fabric, fur, sewing gear, & accessories
Fantasy Clothing Company   > map
815 Third Street, San Rafael CA
really great costumes & accessories rentals
Piedmont Boutique   > map
1452 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117
great original costumes and fun party/club wear

Discount Fabrics (warehouse)    > map
510 Third St. @ Bryant, San Francisco

415.621.5584 (Haight Street store)

Pearl Art and Craft Supplies Inc.   > map
969 Market Street @ 6th St, San Francisco
The Belrose Costume Rental Shop   > map
1415 5th Avenue, San Rafael, CA
Larry's Theatrical Supply   > map
1687 West San Carlos Ave, San Jose, CA

Also, be sure to hit up your local thrift stores for costume gear and maybe try one of the manga giant Halloween Super Stores that seem to spring up around October. Go!